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State of unBeing's Journal

26th January, 2008. 10:08 pm. Nameless and Damned #4(vonjunzt)

After a long hiatus Nameless and Damned will soon be coming out with a fourth issue!

The e-zine accepts non-fiction, fiction, and poetry of all kinds.

The theme this issue is Magick and Mysticism, though submissions needn't be limited to those topics.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me or ansat

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10th March, 2004. 6:23 pm. Nameless and Damned(ansat)

Hey, State of unBeing readers. There is a community for the zine currently publishing a number of SoB alumni, Nameless and Damned, here.

Come on over. Read. Post.

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2nd January, 2004. 2:44 am. Hey Bands!(chordoflife)

Duendezine, a indie/punk/HC/Alt-Country/More E-Zine is looking for bands with albums out to review. Indie, Punk, HC, Noise, Alt-Country, etc.. I'll review it.
Guidelines are as follows: Must be playing out regularly. Demo or Album must have a AT LEAST 5 songs of high quality.. NO basement tapes or muddy poor quality recordings, No cover bands.

If your interested, Email Jesse at Osmun79@yahoo.com

DUENDEZINE--> http://geocities.com/duendezine

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19th November, 2003. 8:41 pm. Nameless and Damned #2(vonjunzt)

Hey, everyone. As some of you may have noticed, Nameless and Damned #2 has been delayed briefly. Which means there's still time to submit material! Send your poems, fiction, or articles to nadmagazine@geocities.com For more info, please visit http://www.geocities.com/nadmagazine/

DCSFBTU/Captain Moonlight

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10th November, 2003. 5:00 am. Duendezine is here..(chordoflife)

The latest Issue of Duendezine is up. Duendezine is an independent music E-zine focused on music reviews, new and underground bands, commentary, and more. Look out for show reviews and band interviews by Clair as well as indie comics in the future.

DUENDEZINE--> http://geocities.com/duendezine

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9th July, 2003. 12:57 am. Nameless and Damned(vonjunzt)

Nameless and Damned, the new e-zine edited by former State of unBeing writer Crux Ansata comes out 12 July --this weekend! Poetry, fiction, and non-fiction by the likes of Crux Ansata, I Wish My Name Were Nathan, Dark Crystal Sphere Floating Between Two Universes, Captain Moonlight, Nemo est Sanctus, and several new voices. Visit http://www.geocities.com/nadmagazine/ or e-mail nadmagazine@yahoo.com to be added to submit, to be added to the mailing list, or for more information.

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27th June, 2003. 1:36 pm. Let it be Nameless and be Damned!(vonjunzt)

07/12/03 = 17+23: The union of discord and illumination.

Well, boys and girls, the new zine I was prophesying about is soon to be a reality. Nameless and Damned shall be its name; ansat is its editor in chief. To contribute or sign up to be on the mailing list, please visit http://www.geocities.com/nadmagazine/

Von Junzt
Captain Moonlight
Dark Crystal Sphere Floating Between Two Universes

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10th May, 2003. 6:06 pm. New zine!?!(vonjunzt)

Good gravy! Could the rumors be true?!? Could it be that Crux Ansata, known on Live Journal as ansat, among the most prolific and popular of the State of unBeing writers -- who, legend has it, was born with a pen in his hand -- be creating a new zine? Could it be that his kinsmen, Dark Crystal Sphere Floating Between Two Universes and Captain Moonlight -- who may in fact be the same person -- be co-conspirator in the endevor? And could they have some of SoB's greatest writers chomping at the bit to print BRAND NEW MATERIAL? If I didn't already know, I'd e-mail c_ansata@yahoo.com right quick to find out!

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10th August, 2002. 2:07 am. log, engen(misled_thoughts)

The First Issue of Misled Thoughts, issue 1 (self titled) will go into print, hopefuly by September.... But no promises.

What you can expect to see in this issue:
• Poetry
• Prose
• Art (maybe)
• Reviews
• Other Zines's we like (links?)

if you are interested in "buying" or trading for this Zine,
you can contact us (Engen & Trenary) at: misled_thoughts@hotmail.com

http://acoustic-acid.com/Misled-Thoughts (under construction)
log also posted to sister_spit, unbeing, zinesters, zine_scene, misled_thoughts

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10th April, 2002. 1:43 am. deadtankdistro.com online zine project(boywithbike)

I posted a notice on the website about the zine project, and have
been getting a few submissions. For those of you who don't know, we
are starting a web zine project through deadtankdistro.com. We need

* Articles/Stories - Straight-edge? Vegan? Tell us why or why not!!
Write a story about your favorite show. Or about an adventure you
had Or share a skill - gardening, silk screening, etc

* Music Reviews Got a new album you love, or one you hate? Write a

* Pictures from local Jacksonville Shows! I'm always at shows and
see kids taking pictures, and I always wonder how they turn out.
Please share them with everyone else! Scan those show pics and send
them in! No scanner? Get in touch.

* Interviews - Just email you favorite band or label. Most bands
love to do interviews. Or see about interviewing a band you are
friends with. If you're in a band it's even easier interview

* Art!! - Submit your scanned or otherwise art. We will be featuring
artists on the site.

This project is all about sharing your thoughts, ideas, and talents.
Everyone should be able to contribute. Email contributions to red808@aol.com, or josh@deadtankdistro.com.

Also, deadtankdistro.com distributes zines. We can photocopy your zines too!! Donate a copy of your zine to us, and we'll keep it photocopied and in circulation as long as our little DIY-selves can.

Send zines to:
Dead Tank Distro C/O Josh
3109 Fort Jackson Dr.
Jacksonville, Fl. 32246

Thanks in advance,

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