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unbeing online zine project

I posted a notice on the website about the zine project, and have
been getting a few submissions. For those of you who don't know, we
are starting a web zine project through We need

* Articles/Stories - Straight-edge? Vegan? Tell us why or why not!!
Write a story about your favorite show. Or about an adventure you
had Or share a skill - gardening, silk screening, etc

* Music Reviews Got a new album you love, or one you hate? Write a

* Pictures from local Jacksonville Shows! I'm always at shows and
see kids taking pictures, and I always wonder how they turn out.
Please share them with everyone else! Scan those show pics and send
them in! No scanner? Get in touch.

* Interviews - Just email you favorite band or label. Most bands
love to do interviews. Or see about interviewing a band you are
friends with. If you're in a band it's even easier interview

* Art!! - Submit your scanned or otherwise art. We will be featuring
artists on the site.

This project is all about sharing your thoughts, ideas, and talents.
Everyone should be able to contribute. Email contributions to, or

Also, distributes zines. We can photocopy your zines too!! Donate a copy of your zine to us, and we'll keep it photocopied and in circulation as long as our little DIY-selves can.

Send zines to:
Dead Tank Distro C/O Josh
3109 Fort Jackson Dr.
Jacksonville, Fl. 32246

Thanks in advance,
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